The college has well equipped laboratories :

Science Lab
The college maintain a well equipped Science laboratory having all required a  apparatus chemicals of a school level standard so as ti impart practical lesson for  B.Ed students.

Computer Lab
The college has Computer laboratory with ten computers with printer,scanner  and language lab facilities.

Audio – Visual
Tap-Reco rder, DVD, T.V. OHP and slide projector.

Psychology Lab
college maintains a well equipped psychology lab with all the required accessories.

Assembly Hall
The college is having a very spacious Assembly hall for conducting seminar  guest lectures and cultural programme.

The college maintains a good library with all the latest titles, classics, Dictionaries, Reference books in English, Hindi, Psycology, Education and History.A good  number periodicals and news papers are also available. In addition to this  a spacious reading room is also therr for comfortable reading.